Clean Slate Riesling is a Dance Party On Your Palate

Aaahh this Clean Slate Riesling!  It’s a balance of honeyed sweetness and racy acidity, just dying to dance on your palate!

Clean Slate comes from Germany’s revered Mosel region, where the hillsides are steep, the river is winding, and the temperatures are cool.  Grapevines are planted on the sunny hillsides where temperatures warm up enough during the day to ripen the fruit and nighttime temperatures are acid-creating cold.

The thin slate rocks found on the hillsides also help with warming by retaining and reflecting the daytime heat, helping the grapes to fully ripen.

On this early November night I wanted a wine with versatility, since I wasn’t entirely sure about my dinner. So I brought home the Clean Slate.

We decided to grill a marinated pork loin–celebrating early November warmth! And we roasted sweet potato fries and a cute winter squash. I just love all the shapes and colors of winter squashes!



The Riesling color glows whether in twilight or firelight!

I can smell those slate stones in the glass and that minerality blends with melon and peach.

On the palate there is lovely honey along with ripe apricot and peach.  Lemon flavors come in mid-palate and lemon and lime together pop brightly on the finish. Refreshing and bright, Clean Slate truly does dance on the palate!

The Riesling proved its versatility! The wine’s off-dry style made it so good for sipping on its own. It paired well with the pork, that earthy minerality blending well with the herbs and spices in the marinade. And its crisp texture was a good balance to the creaminess of the squash. Its bright, clean character cleaned up the entire palate.

Versatility, dance party, fireside sipping–dancing shoes are not required!


On a cool night by the fire;

Paired with a huge range of foods!;

If you prefer a Riesling in an off-dry, balanced between sweet and dry style.



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