J. Lohr Riesling and My Craving For Apples

Autumn’s arrival awakens my craving for apples. I put apples in my morning oatmeal.

I bake apple pies.

I eat apples for a snack.

I make apple cider Mimosas–who needs orange juice?

So on a recent sunny Autumn day, I headed for the nearest apple orchard, just ten minutes away. (Iowa Orchard in Urbandale, Iowa) Of course there were apples everywhere.

And bright orange and yellow pumpkins, too.

I came home with a bag of Chieftains, one of my favorite Iowa apples… and apple pie… and apple cider for that Mimosa.

Let’s be honest, I had apple pie before my dinner.

For dinner I made this delicious Apple Turkey Chili with–you guessed it–apples! The recipe came from my friend Chef Andrew. Find the recipe here.

Except for drinking the cider mimosa, I drank sips of the J. Lohr Riesling along with everything. Ok, not with my breakfast oatmeal. I’m pretty sure.

The J. Lohr Estates Bay Mist White Riesling is produced using Riesling grapes from  Arroyo Seco in Monterey County with just a tiny addition of Gewürztraminer grapes. The wine is fermented in stainless steel to keep the fruit fresh and clean.


The color is glistening gold. Aromas present crisp green apple and white flower with minerality and a hint of honey and melon.

The front palate is full of sweet honeyed fruits mixed with mineral notes. Pear and tangerine linger together with that stony minerality all the way to the finish. Bright lime joins in on the finish while drizzles of honey smooth everything together.

It would have been wonderful poured directly over my apple slices! But instead, I sipped the Riesling along with my apple pie and the Chili. It paired best with the Chili. The sweet flavors of the wine helped to cool the heat in the dish.  The bright finish of the Riesling cleansed the palate, still allowing a bit of the heat to linger.

My apple cravings were fulfilled, and I found a wine to drink right along with everything!


Drinking with apple dishes!;

A Riesling drinker who prefers an off-dry style filled with fruit, honey, and bright acidity!

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