Ooh La La! Chateau Bonnet Wine and My French Food Day

New wine comes in.  New wine sells out immediately.  Curiosity Piqued.

I grabbed the last bottle on the shelf and headed straight to my neighborhood French bakery, La Mie. I came home with breakfast AND lunch. Because, bakery, AND French!

Breakfast should be this gooey delicious while still retaining classiness, everyday!

I held off opening the wine. Be proud. Thank you! But big gulps of hot, dark coffee blended with rich cream were the best partner to this delicious breakfast treat.

Later with lunch, a delicious protein-packed tartine, I poured this versatile French white wine. The Chateau Bonnet Blanc.

This wine comes from the Entre Deux Mers region in Bordeaux, meaning land between two seas. This area of Bordeaux is situated between the two tributaries of the Gironde River, a charming region of fertile woods and small family owned vineyards. It is known for its zesty refreshing white wines.

Chateau Bonnet allows the juice to sit on the skins for 12 hours before pressing, bringing some depth and texture to the wine, and blends Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle together, fermenting in stainless steel vats.


The color is pale golden which happily glistens in the sunlight.

Aromas of pear and white flower combine with mineral notes.

The palate shows ripe pear and tropical fruits along with Sauvignon Blanc’s signature grapefruit and gooseberry. Clean minerality blends in and a nice little spice shows up near the finish. The acidity blends everything together giving a clean finish with lingering fruit.

The tartine was packed full of flavor. Smoked salmon, cream cheese and pea shoots were topped with avocado, red onion slices, and hard-boiled egg.

This was a hefty sandwich and even with the wine’s more demure character, all the wine flavors fit perfectly with the varied flavors of the tartine and were not overtaken by its bold character. The clean character of the wine was also a nice cleansing contrast to the rich, creamy textures experienced in the tartine.

Ooh la la! My charming Chateau Bonnet and an appetite-filling tartine. Ah, enchanteur!


Pairing with a French luncheon;

A wine drinker who enjoys an Old World style white with everyday appeal.

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