The Cellar’s La Crescent Wine: This Is Iowa

Iowa wines were pouring!

Iowa beers were chugging.

Local restaurants were plating.

Add almost 900 thirsty and hungry people on a beautiful blue-sky September day, and we had an Iowa event like no other!

The Ankeny Chamber Corks and Caps event was where I spent a recent Sunday, welcoming vendors, greeting attendees, being a part of this all-Iowa event. Was it heaven? Well, almost…it was Iowa at it’s finest!

Back home after the event, tired and thirsty, I wanted to keep that Iowa vibe going. So I opened a bottle of Bin 300 La Crescent from my good friends at The Cellar at White Oak. It is their goal to make Iowa wines of high quality that showcase the true characteristics of the grape varietals. Many of us are not familiar with these cold-climate Midwestern grape varietals.  The Cellar provides a true look at these expressive grapes.

The La Crescent grape is very cold hardy, which allows it to thrive in the Iowa climate with its harsh winters. It is full of beautiful aromatics, develops high acidity and sugar levels, making it possible to create wines in a wide range of styles, from dry to sweet.


The La Crescent is liquid gold in the glass! The medium-bodied wine exudes apricot and citrus aromas with notes of white flower.

Sweet apricot and peach flavors balance with bright lemon peel on the front palate.  Little bits of melon show on the mid-palate along with mineral notes and continued lemon citrus. Bright acidity keeps everything lifted. The wine finishes refreshingly clean and dry.

I nibbled on the Milton Creamery Prairie Breeze cheese along with my wine.

The Musser family has been farming in Southeast Iowa since the 1990’s and established their creamery in Milton in 2006. They use milk provided by local Amish families.

This Prairie Breeze cheese has a crumbly character from 9 months aging, but is creamy and sweet/nutty. The sweeter notes combined with the wine, bring out the bright citrus notes of the La Crescent.

An all-Iowa event, followed up with Iowa wine and cheese. Just heavenly!


Sipping with Iowa-made cheese;

Patio quaffing;

A white wine drinker who prefers an aromatic wine in a dry style.



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