Grilled Avocados and Sileni Sauvignon Blanc

Think pairing wine with avocados is daunting? Try grilling the avocados! Then, try the wine pairing. Green vegetal flavors meet roasty, nutty, smokiness!

Things got complicated….

This is all thanks to my friend Chef Andrew Kintigh’s recent recipe post for Hy-Vee’s Get Cooking segment, “Grilled Summer Salad stuffed Avocados”. (Watch the YouTube video here.)

My bright, shiny new grill was ready to get dirty and cook some food already!

We started by grilling locally grown Iowa sweet corn. Getting a nice char on the kernels really brought out the sweetness of the corn.

Avocados were next on the grill where they became toasty brown and super creamy soft.

The salad ingredients were chopped and assembled; Zucchini ribbons, multi-colored tomatoes, grilled corn kernels, and a few other things we picked up at the market. A spritz of lemon juice and little bit of tossing, then everything was piled on top of those smoky delicious avocados.

Next up, the wine! I chose the Sileni Estates Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand, assuming it would pair well with avocado salad, but not too sure about the whole grilled avocado thing.


The wine shows off a pretty yellow/gold hue.

Aromas are gentle with gooseberry and grapefruit with a touch of sweet melon.  Luscious ripe tropical fruits fill the front palate, following along with lemon and fresh herbs.  Lots of grapefruit and lychee flavors zing on the bright finish. The palate has good intensity but is not harsh or bracing.

The salad was dressed with lemon juice which flowed together with the bright citrus notes of the wine. The grilled avocados became very creamy which was a great contrast to the bright acidity of the wine. Grilling the avocados brought a roasty, almost nutty flavor to the dish which matched the charred notes of the sweet corn that were mixed in with the salad. Because you just can’t have too much sweet corn during the summer in Iowa, we also served ears of the corn on the side.

Avocados are not just for guacamole anymore! Everything from plate to glass flowed and mingled together perfectly. That new grill of mine is going to see a lot more avocados!


Pairing with vegetables;

Taking risks and trying something new in vegetable preparation;

A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc drinker who enjoys lots of fruit with a mildly intense character.

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