Sables d’Azur Rose’ and Ice Cubes!

So, it’s still HOT here in Iowa. Not letting up. Day after day of unrelenting heat and humidity. I’m not complaining, mind you. Just reporting the uncomfortable fact.

Because of this heat, I put my red wines in the refrigerator last week and chilled the heck out of them! Read my post here. This week, well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

See what I did here?  Yes, ice cubes, because the Piscine de Rose’ says I can.  The tres chic French, drink this lovely libation in the heat. Literally, it means “pool of rose” and I first became acquainted with this drink through this blog posted by Chez Bonne Femme (read it here). And since I was celebrating Bastille day, why not follow this practice?

But with a twist, of course!

I did not just throw a couple of gross freezer-made ice cubes into my beautiful French Rose’. No sir. Instead, I froze the Rose’ itself into cubes, which I plopped in the glass before pouring in the wine.

Voila! Chilled Rose’ on a hot summer deck, without watering down the delicate flavors!

I chose the Sables d’Azur for making my Piscine. It comes from the very hot, dry Provence region in south-eastern France, where patrons quietly sip chilled Rose’ at sidewalk cafe’s under the shade of striped awnings. Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah juice sits on the skins just long enough to give this wine its pretty peach-like color.


The delicate color leads to delicate aromas of flowers and minerals.

The palate is still delicate, but stronger flavors emerge. Watermelon and lime mix with cherry fruit and clementine.  A little spice and stony minerality round out the slightly sweet fruits and racy acidity brightens it up!

The ice cubes, clinking in my glass, melted into the chilled wine, keeping it so refreshing and preserving the flavors of the wine.

And since we were giving a nod to the French and their revolution, we made Salad Nicoise to go along. Steamed new potatoes and green beans joined salty olives, tuna and anchovies, along with juicy small tomatoes, roasted red peppers and hard-cooked eggs. It was delicious classic Nicoise and a wonderful partner with the bright notes of the nicely cold Rose’! The flavors were big in this salad, but the lively character and cold temperature of the wine kept it from being overwhelmed by the food.

As long as this Iowa heat continues, I will be making wine ice cubes and adding them to my wine for a refreshing sip on my hot summer deck! Ooh la’ la’!, please try it!


Making wine ice cubes!;

Sipping on a hot deck;

A wine drinker looking for a delicate, dry rose’ with slightly sweet fruit and bright acidity!



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