Dishtowels, Coasters, Cheese, and This Wine: Laroque Cabernet Franc

Housewarming gifts… yes, please!  Candles, they make even a new house feel warm and inviting.  Coasters, because, who doesn’t want to prevent glass rings?  Kitchen towels, yes!  Especially if they are wine themed!

And cheese!  It does pay to have friends who are foodies because they bring bags full of food.  God love ’em.

So what’s a girl with a drawer full of amazing cheeses and an empty stomach to do?

Open some damn wine!

I decided an earthy, old-world style of wine might pair with a wide range of cheeses.

Oh, the cheese!  Diet disaster in the making.


And, Oh, this wine!

Domaine Laroque “the rock” has been making wine since the 6th century. Cite De Carcassonne is the wine region that encircles the famous walled city of Carcassonne, found in the Languedoc region of southern France. Here, the winemaker utilizes 100% Cabernet Franc to produce a wine with exciting results!


The 2016 vintage should have been a clue… The moment I poured this bright purple wine, I knew it was going to be different from what I had anticipated.

It is so aromatic and almost grapey, similar to a Beaujolais, with a hint of minerally dusty earth.  Notes of blueberry pie and vanilla mingle in.

The palate is light, filled with bright youthful fruit.  Berries and pomegranate fold in with hints of dried herbs and minerals. The finish is dry, wrapped in mild tannins, with the taste of that juicy fruit hanging on.

Bright juicy fun fruit with bits of old French earth. Old and new together! I was smitten!

I had several types of cheese on my plate. The wine was a good complement to half of them.

Saint Andre Triple Creme Brie had a sweet cream flavor and paired nicely with the sweet, bright fruits of the wine.

Deer Creek Cheddar The Stag had salty notes and a hint of sweetness that brightened up the fruit of the wine.

Stella Black Pepper Romano showed big nutty flavors and zings of fresh black pepper. It overwhelmed the youthfulness of the wine and actually changed the flavor of the wine to something quite unpleasant.

Point Reyes Bleu was also too intensely flavored for the lighter more youthful wine.

The Domaine Laroque Cabernet Franc was not the wine I was expecting, with its youthful personality. But its fun nature mixed with old world charm made it one of the most exciting wines I have enjoyed in some time! All those house-warming cheeses were a big bonus!


Pairing with lighter cheeses;

Taking to a party for all your wine-loving friends to fall in love with;

A wine drinker who enjoys a mix of new world fruit and old world earth.

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