BLOOM: Gravel Bar Dry Riesling

Predictable.  Settled.  No Surprises.

This is how I had always envisioned my life would be as I grew older.

Open.  Seeking happiness.  Fearless.

Funny though, these are the actual descriptors of my reality.  After taking a break from my blog to purchase my own little house, and move box upon box of my belongings, I am now finding the best wines to accompany my new life journey.  I am almost overwhelmed to find that I am still chasing after joy, and choosing to grow and bloom.

Quite literally, my new neighborhood is in full bloom during this month of June.

And I also have a few little blooms of my own.

My wine for this blossoming moment in my new life had to be filled with aromas of fruit and yes, flowers.

I opened the Gravel Bar Dry Riesling.

Gravel Bar wines made their way to my shelves just last year. Their vines are grown throughout Washington State’s Columbia Valley where melting ice-age glaciers left deep deposits of sandy, rocky alluvial soils. Hence the “Gravel Bar” name. Washington’s wine production is led by Cabernet and Chardonnay. But it is also America’s most well-known site for Riesling. Gravel Bar harvests their Riesling grapes at night when the temperatures are cool.  Gentle pressing is followed by cold fermentation and the wine spends a short period on the lees. This amplifies the texture a bit, adding a hint of creaminess.


Lovely spring aromas lift from the glass.  Ripe stone fruits and white flowers are joined with a little mineral aroma.

The front palate begins with a sweet honeyed note leading into ripe apricot and tropical fruits. Ah yes, this is familiar Riesling! But then, bright lemon and lime bring liveliness to the palate and play into the dry finish with minerality, a nice spice and more lemon citrus leaving a final impression. The wine is an elegant balance of ripe fruits and lively acidity, all held in a dryer palate.

The floral aromas of this Riesling wafted from my glass and mingled with the aromas of all that was blooming in my new adventure.


Sipping in a sunny, flower-filled garden;

Enjoying along with a new life adventure!

A Riesling drinker who enjoys more depth and acidity with less sweetness.

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