Springtime Flowers, Digging In The Dirt, and This Wine! Alamos Torrontes

Digging in the spring dirt always brings surprises.  Today was no exception.

I discovered these cocoons. I have no idea what they are. Do you?

They were on dried flower stalks I had left standing for the winter birds.  There was an abandoned rabbit’s nest hidden under dried out oak leaves, too.

I found several tender new ribbon grass shoots already growing.  The cutest little red and black dotted insect was crawling among them.  I may have heard him let out a little “eek!” upon being found!

And flowers!  Spring flowers were already in full bloom.

After cutting down the winter’s dried flower stalks, I paused for a glass of wine. Of course, I needed something with a floral attitude.

This, Alamos Torrontes, was my perfect choice.

Torrontes is a white grape from Argentina, believed to have been brought to the country in the 18th century.  It is grown at high elevations where the intense sunlight, cool evenings and moisture from mountain snowmelt create the perfect growing conditions for this intensely aromatic grape.


Alamos crafts this golden-hued/green-tinged wine using 100% Torrontes grapes. Aromas are intense and sweet, filled with honeysuckle and rose petal. Additional mineral notes from the mountain runoff blend in with citrus.

The front palate is sweet, although this wine is made in a dry style.  Ripe apricot and peach flavors blend with drizzles of honey. A nice bit of white pepper spices up the palate, then lime, lime, lime pops on the finish!

Holy springtime flowers! I was smitten!

This Torrontes is such a versatile food wine. It naturally paired perfectly with my Chili Lime Chicken Salad (find the recipe here).

Taco-seasoned chicken breasts rested on top of a plate full of romaine lettuce and were surrounded with several accompaniments.  A drizzle of Chili Lime Dressing added spice and additional flavor.

This wine’s sweet notes were a cooling counterpoint to the spice of the dressing. And the pop of lime brought food-welcoming acidity to the palate. The white pepper spice notes mingled well with the spices of the dish.

Tender spring growth, bright flowers, a little digging in the dirt, and this wine that simply screams Spring! 


Drinking alongside a springtime flower bouquet;

Serving with a spicy salad;

A wine drinker who likes a little sweetness in their white wine balanced with bright acidity and a pop of spice!

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