Meiomi Rose’ Takes On Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill! No Kidding!

Did you play a prank on someone for April Fool’s Day this year? I never do.

But this year, Lord help me, I couldn’t stop myself.  I blame my co-worker for suggesting it.

I posted my usual pre-blog Facebook post on April 1st, and holy seventies, the response was pure hilarity!

Most comments referenced high school.  Some referenced high school and, let’s be honest, back seats of cars.  Or, high school, gallon jugs of the wine, and date night in moon-lit city parks. Even though we were drinking from plastic cups during those high school days, this wine made us feel a little bit sophisticated.


It was this, Strawberry Hill, that I specifically remember drinking while driving around in the ol’ Studebaker.

The laws were much different then.  Besides, if we were caught, we just handed over our bottles to the Officer and knew he was going to mention it to our parents the next morning when he sat next to us in church.

What teenager wouldn’t love this pretty color?

Strawberry Hill is simple with its light, fizzy palate.  The flavor is delicate with strawberry and vanilla.  The effervescence adds a note of fun and lightness.

No wonder we all loved this in high school!

But seriously….

We are still drinking pink wines today.  But now they are less sweet, show off some complexity, and are so food friendly! The popularity of dry Rose’ wines is quickly growing so wine shoppers can find many choices this spring.  The Meiomi Rose’ was new to my wine shore’s shelf and based on the wild popularity of its Pinot Noir, I was excited to try it!

This 2016 bottling is Meiomi’s first rose’ wine. New to the Meiomi team, winemaker Melissa Stackhouse sourced grapes from Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbara, just as in the making of their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The Rose’ is produced with predominantly Pinot Noir grapes, gently pressed, and fermented cold in stainless steel tanks.


The color is, not surprisingly, completely different from that of the Strawberry Hill! Pinot Noir grapes leave a salmon color with just a hint of pink.

Aromas are of juicy melon, strawberry and citrus.

The palate is light, delicate and lush.  Wild strawberries combine with cherry and lemon peel. Refreshing acidity runs throughout, allowing this wine to pair with a wide variety of foods.

It was a great companion to our cheese plate filled with salty olives, meats and cheeses. Salt and acid being a universal combination.

Later, it complimented our salmon wrapped in prosciutto, and even our grilled vegetables.

The flavor of asparagus was not necessarily complemented by the wine, but the Rose’s bright acidity cleansed and brightened the palate of the vegetal notes.

There will be a lot of Midwestern ham dinners served this month. Pour this elegant Rose’ with your dinner! The saltiness of the ham will bring out the fruit of the wine. Who knew pairing ham and wine could be this easy?

Perhaps we haven’t really moved that far away from the pink wine of our youth. But now we drink pink wine on sunny patios, served in appropriate glassware, alongside delicious foods, and still, with our dearest friends! There is no joke in that!


Serving with a wide variety of food;

Sipping on sunny patios;

A Rose’ drinker who wants a dry style with some complexity.



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