Rainy Saturday, Decadent Pasta, and Old Soul Pinot Noir

I was looking for a good reason to drink some Pinot Noir.  It being Saturday was probably reason enough. But, how about Bacon Mushroom pasta?  On a rainy spring day, that was even more reason.


I opened a Pinot Noir from a favorite producer, Oak Ridge Winery’s Old Soul Pinot Noir.

Oak Ridge Winery is the oldest operating winery in Lodi, according to their website. Shelly Maggio-Woltkamp’s family is one of the founding families of this winery, built in 1934. I was first introduced to their Old Soul wines when Shelly herself sat at my kitchen table, tasting me through some of her wines, all the while talking passionately about her family’s endeavors.  It is that passion that keeps her involved at the winery every day and travelling around the country promoting her wines. And that passion was contagious as I tasted her wines.  I was smitten!

I have previously blogged about the Old Soul Cabernet, here. But today was a Pinot Noir day. Rainy + Saturday + Bacon + Mushroom + Pasta = Pinot Noir. Am I right?


Pure garnet in color, the wine’s aromas are filled with darker fruits.  Ripe black cherry and blackberry aromas mingle with spice and hints of vanilla and smoke.

The palate is gentle yet generous holding sweet black cherry flavors, plum and some earthy, spicy notes. The addition of Zinfandel brings ripeness to the fruits and some extra weight on the palate. Still, I found the body to be medium-weight with a lifted nature, and a nice bit of acidity brightens up the ripeness of the fruit.

The pasta was the best for a chilly, rainy day.  Crispy bacon combined with lots of garlic and sliced mushrooms for the perfect trifecta.

I poured in some cream, why not?, and Parmesan cheese and tossed it all with thick ribbons of pasta. What’s not to like? (Find the recipe here.)

This pasta was so rich and delicious! The Pinot Noir was hearty enough to partner well and the acidity of the wine cleaned the palate. I added a side of roasted broccoli which really did not pair well with the Pinot Noir, but was curiously also not a big clash.

A gloomy, cold spring day, delicious pasta and a gentle, rich Pinot Noir. It all added up to a supremely satisfying Saturday.


Pairing with pasta with bacon and mushrooms;

Drinking on a cool, gloomy spring day;

A Pinot Noir drinker who prefers a slightly warmer-climate style, with medium body and less acidity.


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