My Spring Obsession: Pink Wine!

Spring’s arrival brings Pink!  Pink sweaters…. Pink manicures….  Pink purses…. Pink hair… (No pink hair for me. I tried feathers once, that was wild enough!)

But for me? Spring brings PINK WINE!  

Pink is really not my favorite color, but I am fully on-board with the new trend of Spring releases of Rose’ (row-zay) wines. Rose’ is the fastest growing major wine style in the US right now. These pink wines are elegant, fresh and vibrant, not sweet but offering juicy fruits wrapped in gorgeous acidity. Yes, please pink me!!

Noble Vines is releasing their new Rose’ nationally this month. I was happy to get it on my shelf right away.

Noble Vines numbers their wines for vine selections originating in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Napa. By cloning these vines, vineyards are established with grapes that retain the historic characteristics of their origin. Noble vines.

This new Vine Select 515 Rose’ is a nod to the “enchanted moment” around 5:15 pm when the staff at Noble Vines takes a moment to pause and enjoy a refreshing glass of their wine. They looked to the wines of Provence, where sipping Rose’ has been trendy for, well, centuries, to create its blend of Grenache and Syrah. Vineyards are in California’s Central Coast and the grapes are harvested early and cool fermented in stainless steel tanks.


It’s the perfect Springtime brilliant pink hue!

The aromas are a bouquet of cherries and pink grapefruit, sweetened up with ripe melon.

On the palate flavors of plum and cherry are complimented with ripe lemon and a hint of sweet melon. The fruits are juicy and the acidity is so refreshing!

This great balance of fruit and acid made the wine a great accompaniment to a plate of cheeses.

It also paired well with grilled tuna and asparagus, and pasta dressed with fresh pesto.

So versatile and sophisticated, this wine would indeed be a perfect pause at 5:15 on any day! I will let you know how that goes at my workplace…


A pause at 5:15 on any day;

Pairing with practically any food!;

A Rose’ drinker who is looking for a dry-style wine with lots of fruit and acidity.


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