Black Ink Red Wine, And How I Fell In Love With An Octopus

I fell in love with the ocean years ago.  Many of us do. Its vastness makes our problems seem small. Its relentless lapping at the shore is more soothing than any meditation soundtrack. The show it puts on every evening at sunset is more beautiful than any image on a screen.

My recent annual vacation on the Gulf Coast was everything that I had looked forward to. Blazing bright sunshine, shore birds endlessly entertaining, and sunset after sunset that took my breath away.

Of course I brought along several books to read while lounging in the sand.This is where the Octopus comes in…

The Soul of An Octopus by naturalist Sy Montgomery was my first beach read. By the time I had finished this book, I was totally mesmerized by these intelligent, mind-bending creatures. Do they communicate with humans? Yes. Is their ability to change color and texture in an instant unimaginable? Yes. Can they process huge amounts of information through their suckers? Yes. Could they be an alien life form? Some believe it. Do they have a soul? The author believes so. Did I fall in love with these magical creatures?  Yes. Yes, I did.

As with all good things, my vacation came to an end and I was thrown back into the cold, dreary reality that is late winter in Iowa. My transition was made easier, however, by this Octopus-inspired wine!

Black Ink Red Wine immediately conjures up the ink of the Octopus who shoots it to confuse or escape from a predator. The winery gives a clear nod to the Octopus with a little cephalopod pictured on the cap and on the cork. Perfect for one who had just fallen in love with the creature.

The term “black ink” is even used by industry wine professionals referring to a wine’s black color.  By blending Syrah (a nearly black grape), Merlot, Malbec, and Zinfandel, winemakers were assured of creating a deeply colored product.

Further, a look at the wine’s site,, provides a gallery of artistic black ink, or tattoos.  In fact, this is the wine I drank after getting inked myself several years ago.


The wine’s color is deep and opaque. Dark fruit filled aromas of black cherry and black plum mingle with a hint of smoke.

The palate is a nice balance of sweet black cherry candy and pleasantly tart cranberry. Black cherry lingers on the tongue with a touch of vanilla and spice held in a soft texture.  The wine wraps up with a clean, dry finish.

I loved the nod to the majestic Octopus whom I had fallen for! But for those who are not in love with sea creatures, aka “almost everyone“, this wine offers a pleasing, dark drink that is so comfortable and rich.


Drinking after you have fallen for an Octopus;

Drinking after getting your tattoo;

A wine drinker seeking a richly flavored, easy drinking, drier style red wine with some sweet fruit notes.







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