Can This Be Winter? What To Drink When February Is As Warm As Summer

Mid-February in Iowa.  In the bleak mid-winter.

Wait. What’s this?  Shorts? Wine on the deck? Warm sunshine? I have no idea where the bleakness of winter has gone, but it is NOT HERE.

So, to match the brightness, the energy, the vibrancy of this crazy summer-style winter weather, I chose the Toad Hollow Dry Rose’ of Pinot Noir. AND, I drank it on the deck!

Toad Hollow says “We believe drinking wine should be FUN!” Well, what could be more fun than drinking a beautifully colored dry Rose’ on the sunny deck in the middle of February? This 100% Pinot Noir is made from the pressed juice of Pinot Noir grapes, picked at low sugar and higher acidity levels. It has been made this way for 20 years. Back then pink wines were sweet and simple. Selling this dry Rose’ wine was “like rolling a pink rock up a mountain”, according to the winery. Now, fortunately, the market has changed and dry Rose’ is super trendy. These days, the pink rock rolls itself up the hillside!


The delicate pink hue of this Rose’ is a perfect shade to glow in the sunlight.

Sweet cherry candy aromas are juicy with watermelon and lime/lemon juice.

The front palate holds ripe cherry flavors. The mid-palate fills in with bright citrus notes and leads to a mix of cherry and lime on the finish.  The final taste is bright lime juice and dried cranberries. Not a bit of sugary sweetness. The wine’s bright acidity brings vibrancy to the juicy fruits.

We grilled– yes, grilled!– veggies for our dinner and placed them in a charred, whole wheat bun. The flavors of the veggie “hoagies” were not necessarily a good match with the wine, however, the wine’s bright acidity did act to clean the palate in between bites.

Summer in February and an energetic Rose’ to celebrate. This is what to drink on your sunshine-filled deck! The vibrancy of the Rose’ was perfect for reflecting the final rays of sunlight on this beautiful day.


Drinking on a warm, sunny patio!;

Pairing with a variety of foods, due to its bracing acidity;

Good for a wine drinker seeking a true, dry Rose’ with juicy fruit and no sweetness.




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