An Arrogant Frog and his Veggies

Zucchini, yellow squash, even carrots, come to life when they are spiralized.  They twirl, they show off their colors, they escape from the bowl! With the twist of a handle, suddenly these veggies have energy!

With fifteen minutes or so of spiralizing, I had a bowl full of energetic vegetables ready to eat for my dinner Saturday night. My inspiration recipe came from Jessica Gavin on Pinterest ( I added a few things to her Spiralized Vegetable Salad with Roasted Chickpeas, blended the dressing, roasted the chickpeas.

And, just like that, those adorable spirally veggies were wiggling their way into my belly!


If I had found a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in my house, I would have poured a glass to pair with my happy veggies. But, no Sauvignon Blanc, and a newfound love for the wine of Cote Rotie, led me to this adorable frog!

Cote Rotie wines come from France’s northern Rhone Valley where the only red grape is Syrah, from vines ranging from 40 years to 100 years old. Cote-Rotie wines are permitted to blend in a small amount of Viognier grapes which is an easy practice since some Viognier vines are scattered amongst the Syrah vines. The presence of Viognier serves to elevate the aroma of the wines.

My clever Arrogant Frog “Croak Rotie” comes from Southern France instead of the Rhone, but maintains the same Syrah-Viognier blend found in the Rhone. The Frog blends 91% Syrah and 9% Viognier. A short aging in barrel adds complexity.


The nose is Old World with dark berry, dried herbs and flowers, and earth.

The palate is surprisingly lifted, holding red cherry notes, currants and a sprightly spice. The mild tannins hint of earthy dust and dark berry fruits linger.

The Croak Rotie is recommended with meats, but it was a fine sip along with my wild-mannered vegetables. Its fun character matched the energy of the dish.

A jaunty frog, and an unruly plate–a partnership filled with fun! 


A fun and energetic meal;

Substituting as a more affordable choice than most Cote Rotie;

A red wine drinker who enjoys an Old World style with a nice component of fruit.





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