Bubbles Beyond New Year’s Eve: Argyle Willamette Valley Brut

It started with a post from my friend Chef Andrew:


And then a plan:

“Let’s make these tuna steaks for dinner this Saturday!”

Then, a wine:

Argyle Willamette Valley Brut!

A post from NPR’s Bloglovin today discussed ways to use up those “unused champagne bottles from your New Year’s Eve festivities.” https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/bloglovin-food-3904551/9-champagne-cocktails-to-kick-off-new-year-5365199191

Who has unused champagne bottles??

Anyway, It’s easy enough to just visit your local wine shop and pick up a few bottles if, like me, you consumed all the Champagne on New Year’s. And re-stocking makes sense because, Champagne and Sparkling Wines are some of the most food friendly wines you can find. Really! Don’t save it just for New Year’s and then forget about it! Drink bubbles! Regularly! With just about anything!

Which leads me to the tuna…

Chef Andrew instructs us to coat the steaks with sesame seeds and sear them. They are cooled and sliced and placed on top of the most colorful, crunchy, delicious slaw ever!

Since the Argyle Sparkling Brut is a new addition to my store’s shelf, and I adore Argyle Winery, it was my first pick! Argyle has been producing wine in Oregon’s famed Willamette Valley since 1987, focusing on traditional method sparkling wines, (the first in Oregon to do so), Chardonnay, and of course, Pinot Noir. This vintage 2012 Brut is made with 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir sourced from high elevation vineyards. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, with 10% in neutral oak.


Oh those exuberant bubbles!!

They pop on the surface and tickle the nose with rich aromas of almonds, fresh limes and juicy tangerine.

The palate is bright and lively with more lime notes, orange peel, citrus and brioche on the clean, zesty, brightly acidic finish.

The crunchy, multi-flavored veggie slaw partnered well with all the energy of the wine. The tuna, just slightly cooked, was tender in texture making it a nice contrast to the wine’s vibrant acidity. We topped the dish with pickled ginger and its sweet-spicy nature really brought out the sweeter fruits of the Brut.

Who needs New Year’s Eve for sparkling wine? Drink bubbles anytime with practically anything! And this amazing tuna salad paired with Argyle Brut is a great way to start.


Pairing with a wide variety of foods;

Serving as the wine choice for your meal;

A wine drinker who loves bubbles with a dry, zesty character!






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