Argyle Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and My Sparkle Obsession

I blame my Mother. She loved things that sparkled. Not in a glitzy, cheap way, but in an elegant, classy way.

I have adopted her love of sparkle and have expanded it to new heights, or perhaps depths. I fully embrace the glitzy sparkle. Glitter eyeshadow? I’ve got that. Sparkly sweaters? I own many. Bracelets full of sparkling gems? Enough to cover both arms.

So it’s easy to understand why I would embrace the sparkle that decorates this holiday season. Sparkles on the mantel? Got that.

Sparkles on the Christmas trees? Birds, balls and stars!

Tis the season for all things sparkly and bright!

I was filled with bright spirits when two new wines from Argyle Winery from Dundee, Oregon recently arrived at my store. One, appropriately enough, was the Sparkling Brut and the other was the Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Certainly this blog could comfortably lead to the Sparkling Brut but instead, I brought home the Pinot Noir, sans bubble. 

Argyle Winery was established in 1987 and sits in the very heart of the Willamette Valley, in the town of Dundee. I have visited there and found the staff to be among the most fun in the business.  Oh they know their wines, but pouring and discussing their wines with hoards of tourists is a clear labor of fun for them. Their wines, too, are full of depth and quality, but are also open and approachable, emulating the community and the philosophy of their makers.


The color is brilliant ruby! Dare I say, sparkling and bright?  

The aromas are full of dark cherry and red raspberry along with a bit of cinnamon stick.  Some earthy forest notes work their way into the fruits and spices.

The palate is soft and gentle holding red and black cherry flavors.  Dark plums mingle in and so do some dusty, earthy tastes.  A  nice zing of pepper spice mingles with vanilla toward the finish, then balanced tannins finish it out. Lifting acidity plays throughout keeping everything clean and bright.

There were no bubbles, no sparkles in this Pinot Noir. But the brightness and purity of flavor allowed this wine to sparkle from within! An elegant kind of sparkle, it embodied sparkle and light.

This wine lit up the room with just the kind of sparkle my Mother would have loved!


Sipping by your sparkling Christmas tree;

Pairing with a plate of Oregon cheeses and crusty bread;

A Pinot Noir drinker who seeks a light, nuanced style of this varietal.


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