Gravel Bar Dry Riesling with Game Day Chili and Football Bingeing

Physical pain kills creative energy.

I know this because what was supposed to be a simple surgical procedure on my knee turned into something far more painful and debilitating than I expected.

So there’s been no blogging for this girl.  Of course I have continued to drink wine, but there have been no creative blogging thoughts popping into my head. The only thoughts popping into my head were, “Why is my entire effing leg killing me?”, and, “How will I make it out to the kitchen for another glass of wine?”

Thank god for college football though!  Even with a swollen, painful leg, I could still throw together a pot of vegetarian chili and park my self on the couch to cheer for my teams!



So it was, football, chili and wine.  No beer. Just this gorgeous Riesling from Washington State, the Gravel Bar Dry Riesling.


“Gravel Bar” speaks to the ancient sediment left behind from melting ice age glaciers in Washington’s Columbia Valley. It is an area well-known for crafting wines of great character. This wine utilizes 100% Riesling grapes that were harvested at night when the temperatures are cooler.  The grapes undergo gentle pressing and cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks to maintain the vibrant fruit.


The wine is bright and crystal clear. Aromas are of ripe apricot and minerality.


The palate is brimming with vibrant fruits. Ripe peach and zesty lime mingle with exotic tropical notes and a comfortable line of minerality running through. The wine is dry yet some of the fruits show sweet ripeness and even blend with a touch of honey. Clean acidity finishes the wine in a pure and refined style.


What an elegant pleasure! But was the Gravel Bar Riesling too refined to drink alongside a hearty bowl of chili with hard-hitting football on the screen?



The slight sweetness of the fruits helped to tame some of the spice in the chili. And although the wine was not as bold as the chili, its vibrant fruit and acidity cleansed the palate of the chili’s strong flavors.

Football cheering, hearty bowls of chili, and a vibrant Riesling all came together so that I could forget my painful post-surgery leg!



Convalescing on the couch!

Drinking with a spicy chili;

A Riesling drinker who prefers a drier style with vibrant fruit.

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