A to Z Riesling with Peaches Galore!

Apparently I like peaches. Really, A Lot.

Our evening started, innocently enough, with a wine full of stone fruits and honey.


And it led to a peach extravaganza!


We began with a peach appetizer (recipe on this site: refinery29.com/5 Crazy-Delicious Summer Salads) Sliced peaches were set around dollops of ricotta and sprinkled with prosciutto, arugula and almonds, with drizzles of aged balsamic.


Two peach salads for the main course (recipes on these blogs: tworedbowls.com/Grilled Peach & Burrata Salad and howsweeteats.com/Rosemary, Bacon and Sugar Roasted Peaches)  Burrata cheese was a new experience for me. Fresh and soft with a creamy, gooey center, it is a dreamy thing! Caramelized onions were piled on top of roasted peaches with the Burrata cheese spread around.



The second main salad used bacon bits sprinkled over pan-roasted peaches scented with fresh rosemary and tiny bits of smoky blue cheese were dabbed on top.



And why not dessert? Yes, more peaches, this time with ice cream! More pan-roasted peaches were topped with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with cinnamon-pear balsamic.



Of course, we sipped our Oregon Riesling right along with every dish.


A to Z Wineworks began in 2002 with four friends in Oregon making their first Pinot Noir in their kitchen. They own some of their vineyards and lease others, allowing them to source fruit from throughout the state. Blending from these various locations produces wines of complexity and balance year after year. They have worked with over 100 vineyards, requiring all contract growers to be certified organic sustainable.  All owned or long-leased vineyards are certified biodynamic.

There may seem to be a bit of woo-woo in biodynamic viticulture, but it simply believes everything in the universe is connected and uses that connected energy to produce fruit that reflects this fullness and diversity. Biodynamic farming uses a biodynamic calendar, no chemicals or manufactured additions, and complex compositing practices.

And a portion of sales of this Riesling goes to support bee research.  These guys are committed to keeping our earth alive and thriving!


This bottle painted with flowers and bees is a hint of what’s inside.


No bees!; But an intense floral aroma of orange and tangerine blossoms.  Pleasant mineral notes and sweet, sweet honey, (dripping with honey aromas, actually), add complexity.

The palate holds rich fruits of apricot and peach with ripe melons and more honey. All of these sweet flavors are beautifully balanced with a zesty pop of lime zest for a clean, brightly acidic finish.


The perfect balance of fruit and acidity make this a wine well-suited to many foods. It paired with all our peach dishes due to its intense stone fruit flavors. But arugula, balsamic, blue cheese–these flavors blended with the wine, too, with its complexity and strong acidity. The strength of flavors in all these dishes could easily overpower an accompanying wine, but this bright, shining Riesling matched the strength of flavors with its own power and intensity.

It was an evening of peachy excess!


And the A to Z Oregon Riesling brought it all together.


Drinking with peaches, peaches and more peaches!;

Pairing with a wide range of foods;

A wine drinker who enjoys a balanced wine of ripe fruit and bright acidity.



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