Louis Jadot Pinot Noir Bourgogne; My Love Affair With Burgundy Continues

My life in Switzerland, many years ago, was hard. What about the Alps?, you say, or the chocolate, or the banks?

Well, I had babies and a husband whose job required extensive travel.  My family was so far away and the isolation was overwhelming.

So, I hopped on a bus regularly with a group of English-speaking women and we headed straight to France’s Burgundy wine region! We visited centuries-old vineyards whose vines dazzled in sunshine producing grapes that make some of the most sought after wines in the world!



My youthful wine palate was blown away.  Standing in dark cellars, tasting the magical elixir began my love affair with wine.

I don’t drink Burgundy often these days but a recent book pick had rekindled some of those magical memories.


How did I not know about this crime perpetrated on the most celebrated vines in Burgundy?  Well, it’s a great read.  I highly recommend it!  But only with a glass of Burgundy, or course. (Shadows in the Vineyard, by Maximillian Potter)

Which led me to one of the few French Bourgogne wines on my shelf.


Louis Jadot Pinot Noir Bourgogne.

The Louis Jadot House has been producing Burgundy wines since its establishment in 1859.  They are one of the largest producers in the region, owning almost 140 acres of prestigious vineyards. For this entry level wine, fruit is sourced from vineyards across the Burgundy appellation, with the addition of some higher appellation fruit at the final blend.


My very first thought on the aroma of this Pinot Noir was, “This is France!”  Red cherry and herbal aromas are present without an overripe fruit note in sight!


The palate is light holding flavors of red cherry and raspberry along with brambly fruits and dusty earth.  Cinnamon notes mingle with a hint of smoke and minerality.


This Pinot Noir is elegant and silky while, at the same time, expressing some of the dusty, rugged earth of this centuries-old region.

A good book and this elegant Pinot Noir together took me back to my first love of wine.



Drinking with a good book!;

Pairing with a plate of hearty cheeses;


A wine drinker looking for an earthier style of Pinot Noir.



Author’s note: Photos of grapes and vines were taken at my friend’s home in DesMoines where he has his Vines to Wines to business.  Check him out!

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