Cipresseto Rose’ in my Summer Trifecta

Chilled, delicate Rose’–Juicy watermelon–Sizzling hot sunshine!
My summer trifecta!

Not just any rose’ or watermelon, mind you. I chose a rose’ with the most beautiful drenched-in-pink color.  And I combined my sweet watermelon with salty, savory ingredients. And the sun?  Well, it just knew it had to shine blazingly bright.

My Cipresseto Rose’ is produced in Italy’s Tuscany region by the Santa Cristina estate.  Santa Cristina was established near the city of Cortona, in the early 1940’s on a land steeped in history.  The city’s origins date back to Etruscan settlers and it flourished during the 7th and 8th centuries BC.  The city remains today, perched high on a hilltop, the landscape dotted with cypress trees, for which this wine is named.

This Rosato (rosato simply being the Italian name for rose’) is cold soaked 48 hours after pressing, then cool fermented in stainless steel tanks. This careful handling preserves the freshness of flavor and fragrance of the Sangiovese grapes used to produce this wine.

Sangiovese is a black-skinned grape which, being allowed to mingle with the juice for only a short time, creates this gorgeously intense pink hue.

The delicate aromas are of fresh strawberries and raspberries along with orange flowers and lemon.
The palate reveals more fresh berries with some cherry and melon, balanced with lemon rind and hints of minerality.  The finish is juicy with a pleasant acidity finally leading to a clean palate.
My juicy watermelon was topped with blocks of feta cheese, drizzled with fruity olive oil and topped with bits of fragrant basil picked from my garden.

The play of flavors in this dish is complete on its own.  But the salty notes of the feta enhanced the wine’s fruit, combining pleasantly with the melon.

Cipresseto is light and pretty, full of bright fruits, and lower in alcohol, making it just right for day-long sipping on a hot, sun-filled day. Combine the wine and sun with watermelon, and it becomes a summer trifecta!

Sipping in the sunshine!;
Pairing with juicy watermelon;
A wine drinker who enjoys a light, dry-style rose’.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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