Vina Borgia And The Pursuit of Sangria

Sunshine.  Festivals.  SANGRIA!!

I got to don my festival frock and represent Hy-Vee at this year’s SWINE Festival–an Iowa celebration of wine and pork! Bottles and bottles of Slices Sangrias were staged and ready to pour on our beautifully decorated tables.

Our Chef Andrew was on hand to offer his amazing creation–Salted Caramel Apple Danish with Candied Bacon and Bacon Bourbon Ice Cream.  I am not making this up.

Deliciousness overload!

I came home determined to keep the Sangria vibe going.  So I threw together this crazy version, discovered on Pinterest.  Poor Man’s Sangria, which was posted on Practically Functional, the May 19, 2014 post. (

Equal parts red wine and orange soda. Done. I am not making this one up either.

Was it crazy?  Was it good? Yes! It was perfect for when I just wanted some Sangria STAT!

Once my apparent need for immediate Sangria was fulfilled, I put together a more traditional concoction to sit overnight in the refrigerator.  It was a combination of ingredients culled from various recipes, minus the orange soda.

Sliced oranges;

and sliced strawberries;

along with orange liquor;

and pomegranate juice;

were all combined with this Garnacha from Spain.

The wine needed to be dry, since I would be adding sweet ingredients to it.  But it also needed to be fruity enough to blend with the fresh fruits I was adding.

Wine reviewers use terms such as “friendly”, “juicy”, “easygoing”, and “terrific bargain” to describe the Vina Borgia Garnacha from Bodegas Borsao.  Sounded like the perfect Sangria wine.

Aromas show dark berry fruit with some minerality.  The medium-bodied palate is welcoming and full of fruit with ripe black cherry and pomegranate.  Just a little spice wraps it up.  A light touch of acidity keeps it lively.  It is truly friendly and easygoing!

The Vina Borgia fruit combined so well with the fruits and juices that were added to make the Sangria!  I poured it into glasses, added a few ice cubes and topped it with sparkling water to keep it light and fresh.

Sangria is great for sunshine and Festival frocks!  But it is even better in flip-flops on your own patio!

Making any kind of Sangria!;
Pairing with pizza;
A wine drinker looking for an easy-drinking, budget-friendly wine.

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