Infamous Goose Sauvignon Blanc Does Our Spring Farmer’s Market

Spring is here!!  I have proof!
Leaves on the maple tree, fresh in their tender spring green, are soaking up the sun.

Peonies are stretching skyward, teasing with peaks at their color.

The garden, all stakes and chicken wire, is planted.

Flower pots are bursting with newly planted flowers.

AND… the Farmer’s Market is open!  We dove right in to all the sights, smells and tastes.  Our haul of spring veggies became dinner.

I chose a wine that was just as fresh as our market veggies.  The Infamous Goose Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand.

Marlborough is New Zealand’s premier wine region, located in the Northeastern corner of the South Island.  The first vineyard was planted in 1873, but not until 100 years later did Marlborough become a commercial wine-producing region.  The wines taste like no other wines with a pure, unique expression of the land.

Mother Goose wines produces this Sauvignon Blanc, naming it after the moa, a giant bird that lived on the South Island before human habitation.  It is the thing of legends, and so too, perhaps this wine.

Only New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can smell like this!

Intense aromas of legendary gooseberry, grapefruit and lime burst out of the glass!  A mineral backbone supports all the fruit.  Some describe this minerality of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc as having notes of cat pee.  It is very distinctive and not a bad note as one might imagine.  I have experienced notes of wet concrete.  In this wine, I am not making this up, I found notes of body sweat. Not to worry, it is further enhanced by green herbal aromas.

The palate spills forth with loads of bright, shining fruit!  Ripe pink grapefruit, again that legendary gooseberry, melon and tropical fruits abound.  White pepper adds a little kick, as does the bracing acidity, and the finish is dry with tropical fruits that linger forever.

We made a salad full of fresh, tender greens, beautiful spring onion shoots, beguiling radishes and topped it with full-of-life sweet pea shoots.

The balsamic dressing’s acidity was a fine partner to the wine’s bright acidity.  And the tender, green veggies matched the wine’s youthful, herbal qualities.

Our asparagus pasta paired pleasantly with the green notes of the wine.  A rich pesto and cheese sauce on the pasta contrasted with the wine’s clean acidity.

This wine of legends made our spring day a legendary day itself!

Glorious spring days!;
Pairing with young spring vegetables;
A wine drinker who enjoys the racy, fruit-forward style of  New Zealand.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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