Vino Rose’ Celebrates Spring!

I’ll admit it.
I do get a little grumpy when the spring weather is less than, say, perfect.
No, really.

Hence last week’s whiny post about having to sit indoors, indoors!, to drink my wine. I did have a headache, so I had a teeny little excuse.

Fast forward one week, and it was a beautiful, breezy, sunny day! Birds were singing and flowers were blooming and I was happy!  It’s just that easy.

My spring backyard is a mess–everywhere I glance there is work to do.  So I tackled some of it on this gorgeous day. After considerable digging in the dirt, a refreshing Rose’ was just what I wanted.

I opened the Charles Smith Vino Rose’.

This wine is part of the Charles Smith Family of wines.  It is made with 100% Sangiovese grapes grown in Washington State’s Columbia Valley. All the sugar is fermented out of the grapes, creating a truly dry rose’. The wine sits for two months on the lees to add a bit of depth. But ultimately, this wine is meant to be a satisfying, easy patio drinker.  The website suggests appropriately, “the only question… is there more?”

Vino shows a pretty, delicate pink color.

The aromas are ripe with plum and cherry, some floral notes and vanilla.  The palate is fresh, mouthwatering bright lime balanced with hints of dark cherry. Some mineral notes sneak in as well. The clean finish truly does leave you looking for more.

This wine is so thirst-quenching! Totally gulpable!
But I stopped myself from gulping. Well, I had dirt to play in! So instead, I sipped it with a plate of fruit.

Then I got back to happily digging and planting!

Gulping (or sipping) on a sunny spring day!;
Celebrating happiness;
A wine drinker who enjoys a dry, refreshing rose’.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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