Alamos Torrontes for Springtime Sipping

I am not a meteorologist, and I don’t play one on TV. But I can certainly tell when a cold front has blasted through.

First is the downward leap in temperatures.
Next a massive headache takes over my head and unsettles my stomach.
Am I the only person who gets these cold-front headaches?

I had my sunny spot outdoors all picked out for afternoon wine sipping on sunny Saturday. 

Instead, thanks to that darn cold front, I picked a little sunbeam inside to avoid the frigid conditions, and nurse my aching head.

I chose the pleasant Alamos Torrontes for my indoor sipping. Alamos itself describes this wine as being “as pleasant as a sunny spring day.”


Torrontes is Argentina’s signature white grape.  These Torrontes grapes are grown at high elevations in the tiny Salta region, north of the more well-known Mendoza region, with intense sunlight and cool evening temperatures. These conditions create grapes with a wonderful balance of bright floral aromas, ripe fruit and fresh acidity. The winery uses 100% Torrontes to craft this wine.

The aromatics are so alluring with bouquets of springtime honeysuckle!  Grapefruit and tangerine aromas join the intense floral notes along with lemon zest.

Sweet honey drips onto the palate along with tangerine, peach, and lively lemon and pink grapefruit flavors.  The flavors are well integrated and supported by bright acidity.  The fruit is pure and fresh and the clean finish balances everything perfectly.

I saved a glass of the Torrontes to have with my dinner of “Roasted Beer and Lime Cauliflower Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw” (from my beloved cookbook, Thug Kitchen.) Sounds amazing, right?

Cauliflower florets are simmered in a beer-lime juice-chipotle hot sauce combination then roasted with spices.

The spicy cauliflower is scooped into a corn tortilla and topped with avocado slices, salsa and lime/cilantro slaw.


Well, it was amazingly filled with flavor and texture and heat!

The slight sweetness of the Torrontes provided just the right amount of cooling to the tacos’ heat.  The pure fruits of the wine cleansed the palate and quenched my thirst.

Even with the cold temperatures and my pounding headache, the Alamos Torrontes made everything seem a little better. It really was as pleasant as a sunny spring day!

Sipping on a sunny (indoor) porch!;

Serving with spicy cuisine;
A wine drinker who prefers a hint of sweetness in an aromatic white wine.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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