Duck Pond Pinot Gris Pairs Well With Baking

Baking a cake is fun!
Baking a lemon crumb cake while sipping a lovely glass of lemon-inspired wine is even more fun!

It must have been the allure of all the fresh lemon I was using in my cake that led me to open this citrus-filled Pinot Gris. Flavor profile notes on the bottle did mention lemon zest.

The Duck Pond Willamette Valley Pinot Gris was a natural choice.

The Willamette Valley follows the path of the Willamette River in western Oregon.  The Pacific ocean influence is largely blocked by the coastal range, yet some ocean breezes do find their way to the valley.  The Valley is known for producing world class Pinot Noir, often compared to the Pinot Noir of Burgundy.  Pinot Gris wines produced here are also highly regarded and embody ripe fruits from the warm summer days and racy acidity from the cool ocean influence.

The Fries family, producers of Duck Pond wines, established their first vineyard in 1984 with a small 13-acre vineyard in Dundee.  In 1993 the family opened the doors to their winery for the first time.  They now own five vineyards in the Willamette Valley and focus on Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

This 2014 Pinot Gris is produced using fruit from three of their vineyards, utilizing 100% Pinot Gris.  The wine is fermented using 100% stainless steel, keeping the fruit bright and fresh.  No malolactic fermentation is employed, again to retain freshness of fruit and vibrancy of acidity.

Citrus aromas are bright and join with fresh apricot and tropical fruits.

The palate continues with bright fruits, leading with energetic lemon. Notes of green apple and pear are present along with melon.  The wine finishes with lemon rind fresh off the zester!

Bright mouth-watering acidity runs throughout and wraps everything up in a clean, dry finish.

What a pleasure is this bright, refreshing wine!  And so versatile!  I sipped, maybe even slurped it while baking my lemon cake.

But it would be just as enjoyable on a hot sunny patio, or paired with brunch. Even plates heaped full of spring vegetables.

I believe the lemon crumb cake would have been a great partner to the Duck Pond Pinot Gris.  But I will never know…

The wine was long gone by the time the cake came out of the oven!

Sipping, (or slurping) while baking a cake!;
Pairing with a range of food, due to its great acidity;
A wine drinker who enjoys a bright, refreshing white wine.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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