Dark Horse Rose’ Pairs With March Madness

Saturday night.  March Madness.  Pizza. And wine!

College basketball gets no better than this crazy tournament.  Players bring all their passion and heart for their schools, coaches, and fans.

We fans bring our loyalty, hopeful enthusiasm, and devotion for our teams and players.  And we support them without reservation, win or lose.

Parked on my couch, against this intense backdrop, food was almost an afterthought.

But, you know.  Pizza.

I knew I would be totally focused on my game so I wanted a wine that would blend into the experience.  I chose the new Dark Horse Rose’, hoping its clean, fresh character would bring it all together–screaming at the TV screen, slices of pizza, and wine.  Yet, in an unobtrusive way.

The details on this rose’ seem to be a closely held secret.  The Dark Horse site doesn’t even include a Rose’ on their list of wines. So I am left to guess…  The grapes are sourced from California and are no doubt produced in stainless steel. Dark Horse makes a Big Red Blend containing Malbec, Syrah, Tempranillo, and Merlot.  Since I am a big Tempranillo fan, I am hoping this rose’ contains some along with, perhaps, Merlot or Syrah for body and depth.

Just look at that gorgeous, pastel blushy pink color!  Springtime defined!

Aromas are so ripe and juicy! Spring strawberries, watermelon and citrus are clean and pure.  On the front palate, flavors suggest ripe cherry in a lush texture, wrapped in balanced bright key lime. Citrus notes accentuate the bright acidity of this rose’. It finishes dry and clean, leaving taste buds yearning for more!

This is when the pizza hit my mouth.  Gooey cheese, spicy sausage, savory onion and pepper–the Supreme had it all. The clean nature of this Dark Horse Rose’ was such a pleasant contrast to all the flavors and, well, let’s be honest, fattiness of the pizza. The sweeter nature of the fruit in the wine however, was perhaps not the perfect partner to the savory notes of the pizza. 

Never mind, I was too busy yelling, jumping up and down, clapping hysterically to really notice. 

The Dark Horse Rose’ was the best ever for sipping in between basketball screaming, and drinking alongside gooey pizza. leaving me with a clean palate after every sip.

Drinking while yelling for your favorite basketball team;
Sipping with pizza;

A wine drinker who enjoys a light rose’ with sweet fruits and a dry, clean finish.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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