Edge Cabernet Shines In Spite of My Mistakes

Remember the Glamour Magazine “Don’t” page? As a teenager, I would turn to that page, palms sweating, just sure I would find my latest fashion faux pas right there.  I am still thankful to have never found myself on that fashion mistake page, with a black bar covering my identity.

Food & Wine Magazine now has a column named “Mastering My Mistakes”, where the Editor attempts some culinary production with an expert Chef on hand to point out her cooking mistakes.

Personal insecurities aside, I prepared a meal that could easily have been featured on a wine-and-food-pairing mistake page.

I had not tasted the Edge Cabernet for a long time–it just sounded good!  So I opened it to sip along with my Roasted Salmon with Thai Chili Sauce, with a side dish of Spaghetti Squash “Mac-n-Cheese”.

This was not going to end well.

A high-alcohol wine with a spicy sauce? No.


Flaky, caramelized salmon with a big, bold Cabernet?  No.

Rich, cheesy sauce with a thick, lushly fruited wine?  No.

But, you know, I did it anyway.

The Edge Cabernet is sourced from Napa Valley vineyards, with the grape blend changing vintage to vintage.  This 2012 vintage is made up of 78% Cabernet Sauvignon, 11% Cabernet Franc and 11%  Petite Verdot. It ages 16 months in French oak barrels, 35% of which are new for a nice, oaky infusion. The motto is “Cutting edge wine without the cutting edge price”.  In fact, the wine does deliver good Napa style at a mid-price range. 

This bottle is so suave, so stylish in a minimalistic kind of way. Dare I say it has a stylish edge?

The wine’s deep coloring suggests richness.

Aromas are of dark, ripe plum and blackberry along with cedar and dried tobacco leaf.  The palate is thick and rich.  The new oak imparts cedar notes with rich black fruits leading the way.  Black raspberry, blackberry and black plum fill the palate with balances of savory herb.  A nice hit of spice hits the tongue on the finish and supple tannins wrap it up.  The finish of fruit, spice and oak continues on and on!

The salmon flavor combining with the lingering flavor of the wine, truly was not pleasant. The rich, cheesy sauce would have benefited from a clean, acidic palate-cleansing white wine instead of the rich, palate-coating Cabernet.

So I guess this is my official appearance on a “Don’t” page. 

Still, Edge Cabernet remains an enjoyable Napa Cab, well-suited to a night of movie-watching and sipping on its own!

A wine drinker who enjoys Napa Cabs at an affordable price;
Pairing with a thick, juicy steak!;
A wine drinker who prefers a bold wine with lush fruit and good complexity.

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