Di Majo Norante Sangiovese Saturday

Fall weekends in the heartland bring cool sunny days with brilliant blue skies, all-out corn and bean harvesting, and college football.  Friends and family gather to celebrate wins and accept losses.

I traveled to visit my sons, driving past cornfields once bursting with tall stick-straight stalks, now brown and cut down to mere inches.

We threw pizzas in the oven while cheering the wins of some favorite collegiate teams.     

Once the pizza started coming out of the oven, I opened this Sangiovese from the little-known Italian region of Molise.

“Where is that”, you say?

Molise is in south-central Italy, bordered to the south by Campania and Puglia, and to the north by Abruzzo. The people here are proud of their rustic traditions.  Most of the Molise inhabitants are involved in agriculture, there being very little industrial development here.  It’s wines are slowly becoming recognized with Di Majo Norante leading the way.  These Majo Norante wines are considered to be quality wines and great values!

This Sangiovese has been quietly sitting on my wine shelf, waiting to be discovered!  A find!  An exciting occurrence for one who dusts the wine shelves every day! It is made from 100% Sangiovese and sees 6 months of barrel aging.

A concentrated garnet color holds aromas of cherries, tobacco leaf and dried herbs–even a touch of vanilla.

The wine is medium-bodied with a gentle front palate with flavors of red cherries, dried plums and more dried herbs.  A zing of spice shows up on the finish which is dry and mildly tannic. It is indeed a rustic wine, filled with earthy notes, embodying the charm of the people of Molise.

Sangiovese typically shows brisk acidity, making it such a fantastic wine to pair with food.  The acidity in this wine was a bit more subdued, but still had enough to make it an agreeable partner with our pizzas.

It was fitting to enjoy this wine surrounded by large agricultural fields, giving a nod to its agricultural home in Italy.  

College football and pizza night;
Pairing with foods using tomato sauces;
A wine drinker who is seeking a wine from a more obscure home.

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