Bogle’s Phantom and the Blood Red Moon

Science explains the facts. I have seen the charts and infographics.

Still, on the night of the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, a note of mystery hung in the air. There had not been a Supermoon Eclipse in 33 years, and will not be another until 2033. The anticipation was palpable.


The evening set up perfectly for the celestial event with crystal clear skies.  I got the fire going and opened a wine just made for a night of mystery and intrigue.

Well, two wines, actually.

Bogle’s Phantom, “mysterious and hauntingly seductive”, is a fall seasonal release.  I opened the 2012, just released, and also opened a 2007 found lurking in my basement.

The Bogle family has been established in California for six generations.  The winery is currently run by three Bogle family siblings who grew up in the vineyards and cellars of the Bogle Vineyards Winery.

Bogle Vineyards Phantom 2007  Petite Sirah 53%, Zinfandel 44%, Mourvedre 3%
Notes on a youthful 2007 speak of jammy cherries and berries.  After some aging, this wine has developed more organic earth characteristics.  The nose opens up with rich forest floor aromas along with dark ripe fruits and herbs.  On the palate black cherry flavors mingle with mushroom, dried savory herbs and tobacco leaf.  The finish still shows some tannin structure, which softened as the bottle sat open.  Baking spices and oak wrapped everything together.


Bogle Vineyards Phantom 2012
As expected, this current release showcases fresher, brighter fruit than its 2007 sibling. Aromas, however still offer forest floor notes along with wisps of smoke and rich blackberries.   The supple palate is full of fresh blackberry and plum along with baking spices and fresh savory herbs.  The finish holds on with bright cranberries and mild tannins.  Decanting this wine could open up some of the flavors to deeper complexity.

The hauntingly beautiful moon brought intrigue to the night.


Inexplicably, our blue yard light that had not shone all summer, was in full light during the course of the moon’s eclipse, returning to dark once the event had finished.

Orange-red flames from the fire flickered with the same haunting glow as the moon.


And the Phantom lurked in the shadows adding rich intrigue to the dark night.

Any night of a lunar eclipse;
A good wine by the fire on a dark night;
A wine drinker who enjoys a full-bodied red with rich fruit and savory earth notes.

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