Rosa de Argentina is Divine

Oh how we all love the POP! of a Champagne cork! It loudly exclaims, “Let’s Celebrate!”.

The truth is, the cork is only supposed to “sigh” upon proper removal, to retain as many of those exuberant bubbles as possible.  And, even as it screams for a celebration party, sparkling wine is just as comfortable at a quiet party of one.

Bubbles can accompany a fine dinner, an afternoon patio lunch, oh heck even breakfast!

A weekend free of commitments and a bottle of Rosa de Argentina Sparkling Malbec was reason enough to test all this out.

I opened my bottle of bubbly late Friday night (with just a sigh!) and enjoyed a couple of glasses with a good book and slices of cheddar.

Saturday afternoon I had a glass or two with my freshly-made gazpacho and parmesan-coated zucchini rounds. The sparkling wine was a refreshing companion to the summer heat and the acidity of the tomatoes.

Veggie roll-ups for dinner certainly called for more bubbles! Veggie sticks were stacked in thin slices of zucchini, held in place with a plop of spinach hummus made in the DesMoines metro from Fresh Mediterranean Express ( and rolled into neat little bundles. Bundles were washed down, of course with a glass of the sparkling rose’.

Somehow, Sunday morning found still more of this luscious wine in the bottle.  Almost like the fish and loaves from Biblical times, there seemed to always be enough of this wine for another glass!  I believed I was receiving a spiritual blessing.  The bubbles were not quite as boisterous as they had been Friday night, but there were still bubbles and the wine was very lively on the palate.  Perfect with my eggs and Andouille sausage!

Rosa de Argentina is made with Malbec grapes gathered from 100-year-old vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, a subregion of Mendoza in Argentina.  It is designated as a Brut Nature which is the driest of designations in sparkling wine.  After the second fermentation, which takes place in pressurized tanks, this wine is given no sugar in the final dosage when topping up the bottle.

The Rose’ is a pretty, deep pink color.

Aromas of strawberries and hints of yeast are delicate.  Flavors are rich with black cherry and strawberry, followed by bright lemon and raspberry.  It is intensely bright on the palate and the finish is clean and dry. The lack of sugar in this wine is not to be feared.  Rather, the depth of fruit from the Malbec grapes rounds the wine out, even while maintaining its lively character.

My bottle of Rosa de Argentina continued pouring out glass after glass of its blessed elixir, divinely accompanying an entire weekend of books, meals and sunshine.

Skipping church yet still feeling blessed;

A patio party!;
Wine drinkers who enjoy a dry sparkling wine with rich, round fruit.

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