Erath Oregon Pinot Noir Meets Quintessential Iowa

Sweet corn on the cob.  The first BLT of the summer with home-grown tomatoes.  Judging for the Iowa State Fair.  Roasting marshmallows over the bonfire.

It was THE quintessential Iowa summer day and I drank in and savored every single detail.

The day began with my annual trek to the Fairgrounds to judge wine for the Amateur Wine Competition.  Wines are judged before the State Fair begins, then top winners are exhibited for all Fair-goers to see.

There were grape wines, fruit wines, home-grown wines, sweet wines, dry wines and almost everything in between.  Pineapple/coconut wine?  Blueberry-Zinfandel wine?  Corncob-Raspberry wine?  Yes!  We had it all!

In the end, the very best wines were chosen by a small panel of judges.

Our sunny patio was so inviting after a long day of judging.  We heaped plates with fresh sweet corn and juicy BLT’s and flip-flopped our way to its sunny warmth.

After a day of cold-hardy Midwestern grape wines and various fruit and vegetable wines, I needed the familiar tastes of a vinifera variety.  The Erath Oregon Pinot Noir beckoned…

The wine is so pretty, with its transparent, brilliant ruby color.

Red cherry aromas are sweetened with vanilla and rounded out by clean smoke and slate notes.

On the palate, more juicy cherry is expressed in a gentle texture along with cranberry, zesty spice and a dash of nutmeg.  The mineral notes add a nice earthy edge and it finishes clean with bright acidity.

The acidity was a nice combination with the salty bacon and the wine’s purity was pleasant as a contrast to the juicy, messiness of ripe tomatoes and rich mayonnaise.

The perfect summer day was finished in front of the bonfire, as if perfection had not already been achieved.  Stars twinkled in the clear night sky, fireflies flitted about, and marshmallows were roasted to crisp, caramelized gooey nuggets.

There is a holiness to a perfect summer day in Iowa.
“Is this heaven?”, it has been asked.
“No, this is Iowa.”

Pairing with summer BLT’s;
Anyone who enjoys a light, pure Pinot Noir with bright fruit and acidity.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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