Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola Smooths Life’s Bumps

Spending time on someone else’s sunny patio can be just what is needed to sort out life’s bumps.  There might be new flowers showing off their color, or trees blowing in the breeze, creating new patterns of sunlight through the leaves.

So I packed my bags and headed north to Ames.

On my best friend’s porch I did indeed find flowers,

 and trees,

 and sunshine!  And focused conversation that only a friendship that has spanned decades, can bring.

A conversation solving life’s mysteries certainly required bottles of wine!  I brought along an Italian wine that just happened to pair perfectly with our smoked and barbeque sauce-slathered foods from the celebrated Hickory Park Restaurant–another institution that spans decades.

Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola comes from the island of Sicily.

Nero d’Avola is a grape indigenous to this area where it has always been used for blending.  It is now becoming sought after as a single varietal, offering intense color and fruit along with oak and earthy notes.

Aromas are ripe and full of blackberry, spices and earthy leather.  Ripe blackberry greets the front palate in a soft, welcoming way.  Spices and earth balance the fruit and then ripe fig–yes, fig!–pops on the palate and lingers on.  The fig flavor, once identified brought exclamations of excitement from each of us at the dinner table.  Yes, we are, wine geeks!

The sweet fruit and fig notes of the Villa Pozzi mingled pleasantly with the sweet barbeque sauce on our ribs and pork sandwiches.  The fig flavors would make this wine a fantastic partner to a plate of cheeses, too!

A change of scenery to a new sunny porch, delicious food, and satisfying conversation brought assurances that we are up to whatever happens on life’s glorious ride!

Smoked, barbeque-sauced meats;
Lengthy conversations about life;
Wine drinkers who want wine with full fruit and a balance of earthy notes.


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