Gazela Vinho Verde After the Farmer’s Market

I had intended to serve this charming wine with my Sunday Mother’s Day brunch.

Then I would write an emotion-packed blog about my two boys who are, forgive my bragging, the coolest young men on the planet.

But then there was the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and our sun-filled patio, and fresh olive ciabatta, and light fresh cheeses locally made.  Sweet berries, too.  To heck with Mother’s Day brunch!  It was all, frankly, begging to be consumed immediately.  And accompanied, of course, by said charming wine!

I pulled out my giggle-inducing fish platter, a gift found at a garage sale from my best friend, and filled it full of Market goodies.  Out onto the sun-dappled patio it went and the wine was opened.


Gazela is a Vinho Verde (literally, “green wine”) from Portugal’s lush, green northwestern corner.  The wines produced here utilize the Loureiro and Alvarinho grapes, and are most often light-bodied, youthful in character, low in alcohol, and just lightly fizzy. The Vinho Verde wines usually have a nice bit of acidity, and most are super affordable.  Gazela is held in the prettiest bottle, just right for a spring day full of sunshine and flowers.

The pale yellow color foretells the light aromas and flavors. 
Aromas are of fresh green apple, citrus and pear with hints of flowers and minerality.   On the palate there is a bright presence of lemon and mineral mingling with that joyful little spritz.  The finish is clean and dry with lingering bits of lemon and refreshing acidity.

Clean, simple and refreshing. the Gazela was a great pairing with my fish-platter full of Farmer’s Market finds and sunlight sifting onto the patio.

It would have been so nice with my Mother’s Day brunch. But instead it was even nicer with the sun, fresh market finds, and flowers nodding their approval.

Sipping on a sunny patio;
Pairing with fruits and cheeses;
Anyone looking for a light, easy-drinking, refreshing wine.


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