Wild Horse Chardonnay on a Gleaming Blue-Sky Day

Sunday turned into a glorious, gleaming blue-sky day and I wanted a wine that was big-hearted and wild to go along with it.

The Wild Horse Chardonnay beckoned.

Not that I’m a big Chardonnay fan…  Still, a wild horse running free on the label, and the promise of a wine big enough to hold the day convinced me to pull the cork.

“Experimentation, consumer education, environmental preservation, and a sense of humor–these remain the core values at the Winery today.”  This is found on the “story” page of the winery site, and are values I can flow with.  Named after the wild mustangs that once roamed the hills nearby, Wild Horse Winery is located at the center of the Central Coast, allowing winemakers the opportunity of sourcing grapes both north and south of the estate, utilizing many different soil types and micro-climates.  Grapes of different expressions are carefully blended to create unique and original wines.

This 2012 Central Coast Chardonnay uses 97% Chardonnay grapes with the balance being Verdelho and Malvasia Bianca to heighten acidity and aromatics.  Seventy percent of the wine sees a combination of new and neutral French oak barrels, with the remaining 30% in stainless steel tanks to encourage the freshness of fruit and acidity.

The color is of gleaming gold.

It appears thick, clinging mightily to the glass.

Aromas are light but full of pear and green apple with tropical fruits and vanilla.  On the palate, the wine walks in perfect balance between bright fruits and toasty oak notes.  The front palate is like a bite of fresh, crisp green apple with supporting tropical fruits.  A burst of spice then leads to delicious caramel and butterscotch on the long, mouth-coating finish.  The creamy texture is one big palate caress!

As I sat on my deck watching kites flying toward the heavens, I drank in the rich Chardonnay under the endless blue skies.

Sunny deck sipping;

Nibbling on rich aged gouda;

Chardonnay drinkers who prefer rich oak balanced with bright, fresh fruits.

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