Get Inked! With Black Ink and Kuleto India Ink

Ask anyone about their tattoo, and they will tell you a story.
Stories of loved ones who have passed, stories of a favorite sport or music. Stories of their children, of a favorite magical place, their favorite time of year.  Stories of tragedy, stories of new beginnings.

Tattoos are stories, told through art, in a very personal and permanent way.

My story points to my journey and what is held most dear.  My boys, adults now, are my anchors, as I believe I may have been for my own Mother when she was alone.

And so it was that I found myself in a room full of tattoo artists, feeling the buzzing burn on my arm, telling my story.

Did it hurt?  Oh, not so bad really.

And I came away with a beautiful story on my arm–my boys, of course, the flowing movement of life, and a little bright heart that would make my mother smile.

My, oh my, what wine to drink while I was flushed with the adrenaline of a new story, beautifully told?

Black Ink Red Wine and Kuleto India Ink Red Wine made me giggle just a little, with their obvious connection to my experience.  I grabbed them both.

Black Ink is a California red blend from Black Ink Wines, combining Syrah with Merlot, Zinfandel and Malbec.  It is marketed as an exotic and mysterious wine.  Kuleto Estate’s India Ink is a blend of Napa Valley grapes, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, along with Syrah and small bits of other varietals.

I must admit the Black Ink does present a mysterious-looking label, and the ever-mysterious squid on the foil tops it off.  The wine, is mouth-watering delicious.  It is loaded with sweet, juicy blackberry dessert flavors. Rich and dark, it is balanced with a bit of dryness on the finish and a plop of spice.

India Ink’s bottle states, “Great wine is defined by its pernisive ability to ticulate the festles and buttle bursques.”

Try figuring that out when you’re drunk on tattoo ink….

But, the reference to India Ink, with it’s intense, concentrated character, is a nod to the wine for sure.  This wine has cedar and spice, even sweet vanilla on the nose.  The front palate opens up somewhat softly but transitions to big, solid flavors of black cherry, spicy prickles, blueberries and a grip of tannin on the finish. 

These wines were fun, well-made and well-suited to my inked experience. They each had their own story to share as I had my own.

Contemplating your own life’s story;
Sipping after visiting my Pink Elephant Tattoo shop; (look them up at and ask for BJ);
A wine drinker who enjoys ripe, sweet fruit (Black Ink), or a wine drinker who likes their red wine blend to have more depth and structure (India Ink).

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