Dry Creek Vineyard Dry Chenin Blanc with Sunshine and Veggies

After my Saturday workday, I came home and threw on jeans, tee-shirt, and my most comfy Toms and headed straight for the deck. Yup, grabbed a bottle of wine too!

Dry Creek Vineyard’s Dry Chenin Blanc was it!  Such a great way to relax after being indoors and on my feet all day.

It must have been the Spring warmth that put me in the mood for fresh, tender vegetables.  I have yet to find a recipe for Pho, so we ordered takeout from our local restaurant, Pho Knk.  Tofu and veggies for me, plus their phenomenal spring rolls.

Finding well-made, dry California Chenin Blanc is difficult these days and I am so happy to have this gem on my shelf.  Dry Creek Vineyard sources grapes for this wine from Clarksburg, just south of Sacramento.  The Clarksburg AVA does benefit from some fog and cooling breezes from the San Francisco Bay which helps add some lively acidity to the wines.

The aromas are delicate with apricot and peach and a core of mineral.  A little floral lift is present.  On the palate the peach and apricot notes continue, some ripe apple, along with that pleasant chalky mineral quality.  Zesty citrus flavors come into play adding a bright freshness to the wine and even a little prickle on the tongue.  The finish is clean and dry making it so sippable on the sunny deck!

The Chenin Blanc paired very well with our Pho, the delicate nature matching the fresh flavors of the vegetables.  The Pho is based on a light but full-of-flavor broth having a bit of saltiness that was complemented by the fresh acidity of the wine.  The wine and Pho balanced well together both in flavor and weight.

A lovely Chenin Blanc, a sunny patio and bowls of Pho made the best after-work Saturday!

Sipping on a sunny patio;
Delicate dishes with spring vegetables;
Those who enjoy a light, crisp, dry white wine with ripe fruits and underlying chalky notes.

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