Franciscan Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc Fights the Flu

Oh, what to do when influenza-b makes a visit to your home?
Make some effing miso soup, of course!

My goodness, sorry for the colorful reference, but since my soup recipe came from the F-bomb-laced cookbook, Thug Kitchen, (published by Rodale, Inc., no less!) I just couldn’t help myself!  Whether the irreverent cookbook invokes chuckles, or offence, the recipes are infused with over-the-top flavor.

The miso soup recipe started with a ginger and garlic-infused broth, which sounded like a perfect recipe for healing.

Finding a wine to pair was daunting.  Most sources I checked seemed to be leaning toward a wine with strong acidity.  My first thought was Gewurztraminer, with its spicy prickles on the tongue, but it is generally not too high in acidity.

Instead, I picked a favorite Sauvignon Blanc from my shelf, the Franciscan, Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, 2013.

Franciscan sources grapes from several vineyards in Napa Valley, some contributing mineral characteristics, with others contributing ripe fruit.  The winemaker employs 100% Sauvignon Blanc and 100% stainless steel tank fermentation. Fruit from vineyards contributing minerality undergoes slow, cold fermentation while fruit from other vineyards is allowed 6-8 hours of skin contact encouraging bright fruit flavors.

Pale straw coloring holds bright aromas of grapefruit with gooseberry, lemon-lime citrus and soft melon.  The palate is similar with pure, clean flavors of sweet melon and pink grapefruit on the front palate.  Bright grapefruit and lime continue through the entire palate with sweet melon softening the mouthwatering acidity. Even with all the acidity, there is a balancing lushness to the texture.  Everything ends all clean and fresh!

The acidity of this wine makes it a natural food wine, able to pair well with just about any kind of food you throw at it.  The bright citrus flavors match the lime spritz added to the miso soup.  Still, the ripe fruits of the wine were not the best with the vegetables that make up this soup.  Perhaps a Loire Sauvignon Blanc with a leaning more toward mineral and vegetal notes might be an even better choice.


It was a fine enough pairing, and it seemed the influenza had lessened it’s intense grip by the following day!

Sipping on a hot, sunny patio;
Pretending it is actually summer;
Wine-drinkers who love a pure Sauvignon Blanc with ripe fruit and racy acidity.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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