Coppola Sofia Rose’ On My Sunny Porch

There is just something about sitting at a little outdoor café with the warm sun filtering through the trees that calls for a glass of refreshing dry rose’.  During my week in Key West, where the temperatures were in the mid- to upper-70’s every day, sipping glasses of rose’ happened!  A Lot!

But, all vacations must come to an end, and I returned to Iowa right smack in the middle of winter’s bleakness.

The pink hue of the Sofia Rose’ promised to whisk me back to warmer, brighter times.

It’s elegantly-styled bottle made me want to don my party frock–well, it WAS my birthday after all!

The color exudes pretty pinkness, created by cold soaking the grapes (65% Pinot Noir and 35% Syrah) for 48 hours to extract lots of color.

Aromas are full of fruity cherries, tangerines and flowers.  On the palate, fruits continue with more cherries, as well as strawberry and a nice kick of citrus.  Bright acidity brings a fresh, clean finish.

The Sofia Rose’ is perfect for sipping in the cool shade on a warm lazy afternoon.  Even though I was on my Iowa porch, if I closed my eyes, I could almost transport myself back to that sunny café in Key West.

Warm-weather daydreaming
A sunny birthday brunch
Anyone who enjoys a light wine with fruit and a balance of fresh acidity with no sugary sweetness.

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