Gruet Brut Brings Light to Winter Solstice

Today marks the Winter Solstice–the shortest day and longest night of the year.  Just to make a point, the sky cloaked itself in dark, fringy gray clouds all day.

Being one who craves light, I lit candles (yes, family and friends, real candles!) and the fireplace, immediately in the morning.  Their light and warmth brought some brightness to an otherwise gloomy day.

I decided to continue that theme of searching for any bit of light by pouring a wine that is all brightness itself–Gruet Brut.

The Gruet is a sparkling wine made in… you won’t believe it… New Mexico!  The family behind this wine had already established sparkling wine production in Champagne, and was looking to expand. 

They planted vines in high elevations for just the right balance of cool, cool temperatures and warm sunshine.  These growing conditions mimic those found in the Champagne region. They followed the strict Champagne method of making their bubbles.  And, “Voila!”, a wonderful, affordable bubbly wine was made. Yes, in New Mexico.

This bottle was so full of exuberant bubbles, I had trouble controlling the cork.  No gentle sigh, but a definite POP! was heard.  It was as if it was determined to bring some celebration to my day.

Once those foamy bubbles settle down, the color is a brilliant light gold.  Aromas show a little yeast and green apple with lots of lemon citrus.  Flavors dance on the tongue with juicy lemon and a little nutty note.  The bright acidity is balanced by some elegant creaminess and it all wraps up with lingering. luscious citrus and dancing bubbles.

The Gruet Brut brought light to my dark Winter Solstice day.  Celebration indeed, for beginning tomorrow, a sliver more of light will make it’s way into my days.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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