Rosa De Argentina Pairs Well With Glitter

It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas
The holidays are here!  I know this because I have to listen to Burl Ives singing “Silver and Gold” where I work.  And because running a simple errand in the evening becomes a lengthy exercise in extreme parking lot maneuvers.  And because relearning queue-etiquette at the department store is required (i.e. Stay inside the ropes!  Remain alert to the waving cashier in the far-back corner!)

Bubbles and Glitter
In the quiet of my home, Christmas trees are up and battery-powered candles are gently fake-flickering.  One tree is decorated with memorabilia.

 I can tell a story about every individual ornament–some are gifts from friends, some were my mother’s, some even belonged to my Grandmother!

My second tree is decorated with, essentially, any ornament that is covered in sequins or glitter. Hey, it’s all about celebration!

I can’t think of a better wine to drink by the glittering tree, than a wine full of sparkling bubbles!

Different Is the New Normal
There are many champagnes and sparkling wines on my store’s shelf, but I was so excited to try the Rosa De Argentina, a  new sparkling Malbec from Argentina!  Really, this wine will be found on very few retail shelves. Oh, but you will find it on mine!

The WOW!
Spanish winemaker Belasco de Baquedano crafts this Rosa De Argentina Brut Nature Rose of Malbec utilizing 100 year old Malbec vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo, a sub-region of Mendoza. This sub-region is located on the edge of the Andes where it is hot and dry, with high altitudes bringing cool evening temperatures.  This provides grapes of sufficient ripeness, balanced with acidity, that no sugar is added for the second fermentation of this sparkling wine.  Hence the designation “Brut Nature”, the driest designation for champagnes and sparkling wines.  Second fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks rather than in the bottle.       

The color shows a deep pink/light cherry hue. Aromas are light with yeasty raspberries.  The front palate is bright and crisp with tangerine and lemon citrus.  Mid-palate brings deeper fruit flavors of cherry and plum.  On the finish, flavors change from slightly bitter notes, to toffee-like notes, finally to orange zest.  The overall experience is fresh and celebratory!

Santa Baby
My house is all a-glitter!  Surely Santa will see it sparkling from above!  To heck with the plate of cookies.  I will be sure to leave Santa a glass of Rosa De Argentina by the glittering tree, to brighten his travels.

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