Taken Red Wine Appeals Even to Boomers

The Weather It Is A Changin
One week ago I was enjoying the last of Autumn’s mild weather while being fully aware of the impending winter blast.  Sure enough, the warmth of Autumn’s sunny days was quickly gone, gone.  Taken away, replaced by arctic blasts, wind chills and snow. 

The timing was perfect for a new wine named “Taken” to appear in my store.

It’s a #Social Media Thing
The Taken Wine Company was founded in 2009 by next generation winemakers Carlo Trinchero and Josh Phelps, childhood friends who were raised in the Napa Valley and have winemaking in their blood. Both in their 20’s, they wanted to introduce and share good wines with their friends. They chose the name Taken because it ties into social media, and so appeals to their generation.

With this Napa Valley Red Wine, Trinchero and Phelps blend 60% Napa Cabernet Sauvignon with 40% Napa Merlot and present it in a sparsely-decorated dark bottle, adding a bit of mystery to the name etched in the glass. Grapes were carefully harvested for ripeness during a season with more than the average rain and cool temperatures. After fermentation, it was aged in French oak barrels.

The Wow!
Taken shows glistening purple/garnet color.  The aromas abound with ripe, dark fruits, cedar, and a waft of smoke and graphite.

The palate is soft, loaded up with ripe blackberries, a drizzle of chocolate, and oak, with hints of graphite and nutmeg on the finish.  Mild tannins wrap everything together.  Taken’s lush palate and ripe fruits make this a wine that is immediately drinkable holding just enough complexity to make it more than just an easy quaff with friends.

Not the Demographic They Were Targeting
Far from being a twenty-something myself, I was able to enjoy this wine anyway.  Hey, I have Facebook AND Twitter accounts! With the winter storm taking away my Autumnal warmth, the name had a completely different meaning for me. It was a pleasing wine to sip while sitting by the fireplace and watching the snowflakes swirl outside.

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