Bogle Phantom Makes Its Haunting Appearance

One Good Thing
Summer really is gone.  (Insert loud sighing here.)  But with the arrival of Autumn comes all manner of limited release beverages; Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin beers, and many wines too.  There is great comfort in finally drinking rich, dark wines full of flavor and warmth on these cooler, darker evenings.

Slap On a Spooky Label
Black labels with gothic lettering, labels with zombies, labels with black crows, or skulls; haunting labels are part of these Fall-released wines, it seems.  Many of these spooky-looking wines have the same style; dark coloring and a bold array of flavors held in a lush, mysterious texture.

The Bogle Phantom label is simply an eerie picture of shadowy knotted grape vines.  It is a good foretelling of the wine held inside; Dark and mysteriously complex.

The WOW!
Bogle Winery does change the blend of this red wine from vintage to vintage, retaining the basic style, but changing the profile a bit each year.  This year’s release, the 2011 vintage, blends 46% Petite Sirah with 40% Zinfandel, 11% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Mourvedre.

The Petite Sirah contributes to the depth of its brilliant garnet color.  Aromas seem to mysteriously shift in the glass.  Oak and spice, from over 24 months aging in barrels, are supported by gobs of dark berry aromas.  Plum aromas make an appearance along with vanilla, then cedar, forest floor and dried fruits.

The Phantom is soft and lush on the front palate, leading to intense flavors of sweet black cherry, lots of spicy oak and dried herbs.  The wine finishes with dark berry and a whisper of anise, wrapped up in a comforting presence of tannins.

An Apparition?
Oh this Phantom is very real, full of complex aromas and flavors that shift and develop right before your eyes. It will disappear soon as most apparitions do.

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