Wine by Joe Pinot Noir for Ryan’s Golden Birthday

There was much to celebrate last weekend.  It was Ryan’s golden birthday (31 years old on the 31st of the month), and it was a holiday weekend!

Ryan learned to love Pinot Noir several years ago while drinking the Wine by Joe Pinot Noir.  It had been a long time since I had pulled it from my shelf, so it made sense to re-visit it on his birthday.


Joe Dobbes is the owner and winemaker at Dobbes Family Estate.  He produces his line of Wine by Joe wines to be affordable, go-to wines with no pretentions.  I was pleased to find the 2012 vintage on my shelf because, as one Oregon winemaker put it, “If you couldn’t make good wine in 2012, then you’re probably in the wrong business.”  The vintage was that great.

This wine is 100% Pinot Noir sourced from various locations throughout Oregon.  It is aged in older French oak barrels to give only a subtle presence of oak, allowing the fruit to shine through.

We found aromas of black cherry and spice with a hint of oak and smoke.  On the palate we found sweet, bright cherry and spice.  The front palate is gentle, but it gets a bit more aggressive on the finish with lots of red pepper spice and crisp acidity.  Dusty tannins come into play and black cherry wraps up the final taste.


There were no pretentions in this wine, which was perfect for Ryan, a man with no pretentions himself. The wine’s bright fruit and clean acidity paired well with our freshly made pico de gallo, or, in Ryan’s case, drank well alongside his beloved stout!   

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