Ponzi Pinot Gris with Popcorn and a Movie

Saturday night.  Movie night!

The warm summer night was a good reason to get out the laptop and watch a movie outside on the patio.

According to my Society of Wine Educators Study Guide, “Salt reduces the perception of bitterness, acidity and tannin.  Pair foods seasoned with salt with wines high in these elements.”

Popcorn and a movie was the perfect setting to test this out.

I have always been a fan of Ponzi Vineyards wines, and decided to pour the 2013 Willamette Valley Pinot Gris.  The Pinot Gris from Oregon usually show bright acidity, so I was hoping the acidity of the Ponzi wine would be a good match with the salty popcorn.

The wine is such a great patio drink on a hot summer night!  Aromas of pear and lemon citrus lead to an echo of the same flavors on the palate.  Pear and juicy, vibrant lemon flavors get a little kick from a dash of white pepper.  The wine is fresh and mouthwatering with acidity, balanced by the abundant fruits.

The wine’s acidity did effectively reduce the saltiness of the popcorn, but we found that to be not entirely positive.  Part of popcorn’s goodness is its salt, right?  We even made a second batch of popcorn we thought might be more salty.

The wine’s acidity did exactly what it was expected to do, but in the end, we did not feel the flavors of the wine or the popcorn were elevated.  Rather, they were reduced.

The Ponzi Willamette Valley Pinot Gris was so enjoyable on a summer patio movie night.  Stay tuned, however, for more wine and popcorn pairing attempts.  Champagne?  Chardonnay?…

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