Saint M Riesling on The Best Patio Weekend

Back in May, I previewed the Saint M Riesling along with Katie and Chef Andrew.  I predicted it “was destined to be my favorite summer patio wine.”

Well yes indeed, the prediction proved true.  This past weekend was THE BEST PATIO WEEKEND of the summer!  Blue skies with white fluffy clouds, temperatures in the low-mid-80’s, and a soft, cooling breeze; It could not have been more perfect.

I opened the Saint M as soon as my feet hit the patio Saturday after work.  The sun was hot on my back, but Saint M provided refreshing relief!


Saint M Riesling is produced by Ernst Loosen in Germany for the Washington State winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle.  The grapes come from the Pfalz region which lies west of the Rhein River, where the growing season is quite sunny and warm.  The wines produced here tend to be riper and rounder with a presence of stony minerality.

I did find mineral aromas in the Saint M along with apricot and citrus notes. The palate is full of lovely melon, sweet peach and bright citrus–both lime and lemon.  A bit of minerality is present too.  The finish is long and citrusy.  Really, who needs lemonade?  This is just as refreshing, and offers some sweet fruits to balance all the citrus.

The Saint M’s vibrant acidity makes it a great partner with all those fresh tomatoes in the garden right now.  We made a gazpacho soup and the acidity of the tomatoes melded perfectly with the acidity of the wine. 

There is nothing better than soaking in the summer sun on my patio with a crisp, refreshing wine in hand.  The Saint M Riesling, vibrant, juicy and clean, was my perfect patio choice.

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