Cedar Ridge Vineyards Demi-Sec for Summer

Along my path on an Iowa summer morning…
I found cool breezes blowing across my arms, whisking away the sun’s heat.
Drops of dew were still clinging to the grass where the shade was lingering.
Sunlight filtered in through the leaves, making patterns of sun and shade that danced on the sidewalk.

Native wildflowers were growing along the path, nodding in the breeze.


A continuous chorus of birds–robins, cardinals, finch, morning doves, blue jays–all sang their morning songs at once.
I found the essence of summer in Iowa along my pathway.

In these glorious summer days, Iowa’s growing wine and craft brew industry thrives, with fests and events celebrating and highlighting the unique essence of Iowa.

One such event took place last Sunday.  I was a part of the annual Corks and Caps event through the Ankeny Summerfest.  Iowa breweries and wineries brought their delicious libations to sample for over 500 attendees.

The sun was in full glory, the breeze was cooling, and everyone contentedly sipped through a wide selection of Iowa’s best beers and wines.

With an hour left to go, the clouds rolled in and rain poured–POURED!– for about 15 minutes.  Oh never mind, it’s Iowa.  We all huddled under tents, continued sampling, and came back out when the sun reappeared, as if nothing had happened.

After the event, I retreated to my sunny patio and opened an Iowa wine, to keep the Iowa vibe going.

I chose the Demi-Sec from Cedar Ridge Vineyards.  It was a popular selection at the Corks and Caps event.

Cedar Ridge is located near Cedar Rapids and Iowa City with 5,000 vines on estate.  This wine combines 50% Riesling grapes sourced from upstate New York, combined with 50% Seyval Blanc grapes grown on their estate.

Seyval Blanc is a hybrid, the offspring of two species, and usually exhibits melon and tropical fruit notes with medium sugar and acidity.

Demi-Sec is a term used in Champagne labeling that refers to a medium sweet style.  Cedar Ridge uses the term here, to describe their semi-sweet wine, although their wine is still, not sparkling.

The Demi-Sec wine shows a pale golden hue and presents aromas of pear with a drop of honey.
The palate is slightly round and offers flavors of pear, tropical fruits, orange blossom and honey.
Those fruits linger on the palate with a hint of spice, until the finish which is clean. Fruit dominates in this wine, and the clean finish provides the perfect balance.

The Cedar Ridge Demi-Sec was a refreshing and pleasant end to my day of celebrating Iowa’s summer abundance.

About the author: Sue Navratil

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