LaMarca Prosecco Pops the Party!

Oh the pop!
The bright sparkle!
The racy exuberance!

Pop the cork on any sparkler, and the party is immediately in full swing!

And so it was with the birthday celebration of my youngest son.  Truthfully, we may not have actually waited for the birthday guest to arrive….

The sun was shining, raspberries were waiting, the patio was calling, AND the cork was popped!

I opened the LaMarca Prosecco for the occasion.

Prosecco is a sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy.  It utilizes the tank method of fermentation where the second fermentation takes place in a pressurized tank rather than in a bottle.  This tank method emphasizes youthful, floral and primary fruit aromas.

The LaMarca did indeed posses such a youthful style.
The color is pale yellow and the bubbles are a wonderful froth.  Aromas are full of citrus with a drop of honey.  On the palate the wine shows fresh lemon citrus flavor with green apple and a bit of mineral.  The texture is crisp with just a little creaminess.  It is delicate, clean and so refreshing.

I also tried it as a cocktail, adding a swirl of pure maple syrup and a couple of raspberries.  The maple syrup sweetened the wine and the berries added a burst of fruity tartness.

The LaMarca Prosecco was a festive start to the birthday party!  The birthday guest even arrived in time for a taste.  We were smart enough to leave the cake alone until after he arrived.  

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