Weekend Wine Discovery: The Auctor Red Blend

Iowa is nice!  But occasionally, it’s good to get away.

We love Omaha’s Old Market.  A quick Saturday morning drive and we were there for lunch.  Our pick was The Urban Wine Company where there is always a selection of unusual wines and great food bites to go along.

Our favorite dinner spot, M’s Pub is trendy, always packed, and definitely the place to be seen.

For a taste of France, our favorite bistro, La Buvette, is so satisfying.  Young people mix comfortably with older university professors here in this small room made larger by opening the walls to the patio and street.  The menu is hand-written and offers such delights as snail/artichoke stew, or rabbit sausage with lentils. For dessert I had a dreamy cloud of whipped goat cheese with dates.  Delicieux!

No visit to Omaha is complete for me without a stop at Urban Outfitters (I scored a great pair of boots!) and the Blue Line Coffee Shop next door.

Feeling full and happy back home Sunday evening, we needed a wine worthy of our weekend full of new wine discoveries and amazing food.  The Auctor, an unusual red blend from Paso Robles, was a good choice.

A look at the label sparks curiosity, with a different take from every angle.

From the back label, “When Chaucer wrote of ‘mine auctor’, he suggested that this figure had the ability to take already established ideas and promote them with original style.”  And so, this wine gathers old-world grapes and creates a new, harmonious blend.

Barbera makes up 35%, with 18% Grenache, 17% Counoise, and 14% Mourvedre.  The winemaker ages these in stainless steel tanks and rounds out the blend with oak-aged Zinfandel 9%, and Tempranillo at 7%. 

I would have presumed a greater use of oak in this wine as I found vanilla, oak and spice in both the aroma and flavor.  Aromas of bright red fruit and baking spices are included as well.  On the palate, vibrant red fruits dominate with cherry and strawberry.  The fruits are rounded out with herbal notes along with the vanilla and spices.  Cranberry and pomegranate emerge on the finish.  The finish is dry, but filled with lingering fruits.

I especially enjoyed the medium body of The Auctor, which easily supported a complex array of flavors.  What a great discovery at the end of our weekend!  Like The Auctor, in Omaha we found new things from familiar, established places.

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