Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola Takes Me to Sicily

Bright sunny skies, live music, cold beers, wine in plastic cups, delicious foods from world cuisines, and lines of well-fed people–this was the World Food and Music Festival in DesMoines on Sunday.

Food from the Mesopotamian culture?  Oh, yes!  Thai food, Indonesian food, Greek food, and American barbecue–we tasted it all.

Back home, I chose a bottle of Italian wine to continue the international theme.  The Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola label states, “When you open a bottle of Villa Pozzi, it’s like taking a trip to a warm, cozy Italian villa nestled in a small Sicilian town far, far away from the busy everyday.”

I had already eaten my way through Thailand and Indonesia.  Sicily seemed like a nice stop!

Sicily is the island off the toe of the boot in Southern Italy.  Here, the terrain is hilly and the temperatures are hot.  The Villa Pozzi vineyards are high on the mountainside which provides cooling temperatures during the night, retaining a balance of acidity in the grapes.  This suits the Nero d’Avola grape just fine.

The Villa Pozzi presents an intense color and aromas of plum, blackberry and dried herbs.  The palate is fruit-forward, soft and welcoming.  The fruits are bright with blackberry and cranberry, and a balance of sweet fig.  On the finish, the acidity balances the fruits, and cranberry and raspberry shine through.

The Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola offered a pleasant visit to Sicily on my warm patio after a culinary worldwide trip.  It even finished off the night as a warm partner to our backyard fire.

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